1. EricLr

    I’d rather raise Naomi Rapace’s baby.

  2. Hah, someone photoshopped her face on Kim’s body backwards

  3. Mickey01232000

    She looks like she swallowed a watermellon.

  4. Bonky

    The smart money knows that there isn’t one single cell of Scott “I like to wear pink” Disicks DNA in that belly.

  5. little turtle head

    Gotta give it to those Kardashians they’re definitely cornering the market on the expectant slut look…

  6. techman

    In case Jessica Simpson is watching…that’s how you should look when you’re pregnant.

  7. The Brown Streak

    Wow, not used to seeing Kourtney standing up.

  8. From what I can see, that baby’s an asshole.

  9. El Jefe

    Judging from the size of that baby I am guessing the father is a 7 foot tall black pro athlete.

  10. Hey, everybody! It’s the Kardashians’ sacrificial lamb. The one chosen to crap out the next generations of fame whores, while the other two fuck around.


    I guess we can’t really make jokes about her being a whore whale monster from outer space now that fish is in bed w/ BuzzMedia.

    Doesn’t she look lovely! What fantastic style.

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