1. Deacon Jones

    “Dude. You ever go to a red carpet event? On WEED?”

  2. Turd Ferguson

    Looks like one of those dudes who will lose his hair at an early age and rock the Skullet.

  3. ad naseum

    When did the Dothraki start wearing shirts?

  4. Fergie needs to lighten up on those hormones.

  5. PoorMaryKelly

    I would hit that like Babe Ruth!

  6. I like when he lived in the castle with the talking dishes. Cool movie.

  7. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Do I need a shower? nah
    Shave? nah
    Left eyebrow? Aaah

  8. como se dice, Crom?

  9. Monkeydnd

    Cute…okay, are we just not going to discuss the wonk eye?

  10. JennyPennywise

    “Bitch, I will pee on your floor.”

  11. Move:
    Weston Cage’s Vanilla Ice’s Eyebrow of Agony.

  12. GuyLeDouche

    Who knew the planet Sateda had a San Francisco too?

  13. Squishy


  14. When I saw this picture a single word ran through my mind…


    • Gumption

      what is a derp? This guy is hot but I can’t feel it cause of his hair. It has some crunchy gel in it and he is channeling Fabio and grossing me out. Cut his hair and send him to me, thanks.

  15. Canadianhouseguest

    He was high at the last UFC event, when Rogan was trying to promote his flick for him.

  16. He’s fantasizing about all the fat Hispanic tail he’s going to get after he becomes governor of California.

  17. chupacabra

    I’ve seen dumber. But just barely.

  18. MILF

    Now THIS is what Tom Cruise wishes Katie Holmes looked like.

  19. DonDopey

    More like Jason Megusta.

  20. The result of two paparazzi shouting “Look over here, Jason!” at the same time.

  21. CharmlessMan

    “Ju see dat woomuhn over dere? I weel make her pregnunt, wees yust my eyes.”

  22. kb

    i dont always wash my hair…but when i do….

  23. MasterKat

    Jason Momoa is SO hot, even when you only show the must unflattering picture of him imaginable.

  24. Jess

    His eyes seem to have an intense, laser-like power, but one of them is wonky and is probably responsible for that hole in his eyebrow.

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