1. Daily Moisturizing

    That will be one unappetizing mouthful.

  2. Pip pip cheery-o

    The sound of my lunch in my lap.

  3. Atomicbeddy

    “Oh god! Not Taco Bell again!!”

  4. That dancer just caught a whiff.

  5. 2 girls one …dressing table?

  6. Satan's bitch

    “Meer, meer, onna wall, who’s the purtiest one of all?”

  7. This here is the hole ma babies come out of!

  8. Raoul

    “Wait. Ya’ll mean this ain’t the shitter?”

  9. Richard McBeef

    is this some sort of glass bottom boat?

  10. PoorMaryKelly

    I wonder if she travels with her own butcher to make him into cheeseburgers for her or if she just eats him as is?

  11. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Yeah, but as satire it’s genius

  12. lemon

    Be thankful that isn’t a magnifying glass.

  13. Superficial reader and contest winner, Bleachhawk St. Asseater, collects his prize.

  14. ohmyword

    Where did this dancer’s head come from? Enter the magic mirror Britney… Come in and find out…:

  15. GuyLeDouche

    I’m confused: which one’s Cartman’s mom?

  16. Venom

    Like a day shift stripper in a trashy club.

  17. AC

    Red beans ‘n’ rice di’nt miss her.

  18. pdan

    New Orleans? With what’s about to happen there, I would’ve guessed Germany…

  19. “Thank you, pick up your food at the second window. Welcome to McDonald’s, may I take your order?”

  20. Squishy

    Would you like fries with that?

  21. Cam

    “This reminds me of my vagina ya’ll!”

  22. That porker is going to break that furniture….the mirror obviously was the first to go.

  23. bob

    textbook owling

  24. Becky

    Aye, Mistur Mirra, who has the bestest burritos in all the land?

  25. Gumption

    She is a hell of a lot more cool than annoying kardash’s and well, pretty much most the people in the “spotlight” right now. She comes across as pretty honest and self refelctive in her interviews. Plus the girl can dance. When I was recovering from a sports injurty my gut looked almost like that when I scrunched over but it goes away fast, hers will too. She looks good overall and has some bangin legs.

  26. prettypants

    Dang, when did I eat THAT??

  27. I expected it to take WAY longer for her stage shows to devolve from lap dances to Cleveland steamers.

  28. seriously

    One step closer to realizing the prophecy put forth by the family guy movie.

  29. MrsWrong


  30. SimoneDeB

    “Yeah, we’ll just make the chair bigger, Brit. It’ll be very flattering. No one will notice the extra weight”

  31. Star Droppings

    “No, Britney! We said, “Do you want more Carl’s Jr.” not “Hot Carl”!!!

  32. Who's roughing who?

    How on earth did they get a pic of Brit Brit’s in her own bedroom?

  33. Who's roughing who?

    hahah that joke wouldve been different if saw that guy with the open mouth earlier.

  34. Educated


  35. Well, we knew it would come to this eventually.

  36. g-moonie

    Apparently they didn’t offer that dancer an option “B” – which is to be tossed into an active volcano.

  37. CharmlessMan

    {call.function:Joke|Fart, #=RNDM}

  38. Nello

    This is where the dancer is going to be upset he didn’t agree to see Brit’s rehearsal of the ‘Boston Steamer’ move.

  39. PowerMuff

    This picture was taken about 2 minutes before she realized she wasn’t squatting on front of a Kentucky Fried Chicken drive-thru…

  40. Allison Wunderlan

    There she goes, giving birth out of her butt ….. AGAIN.

  41. Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of…OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!

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