1. JANE

    pure class

  2. baron of all media

    For once, I agree with these idiots. Why the hell are people still taking pictures of these two irrelevant eyesores?

  3. Pip pip cheery-o

    Raise that baby right, by God.

  4. Who's roughing who?

    Ah yes. The alternative to handshake. Glad to see Pink and her BF is on board.

  5. Where did Pink get that rack?

  6. Who's roughing who?



  7. PoorMaryKelly

    Don’t be famous if you don’t want your picture taken. Nice douchbag example for the kid.

    • Turd Ferguson

      No kidding.
      These clowns and others like Alba realize thats how they get paid, right?
      Public interest in their meaningless lives.

    • JPC

      They’ve tried their best to not be famous for the last decade. But it takes quite a bit to drop out of the paparazzi’s definition of “celebrity.”

  8. JennyPennywise

    Wow! She has two?!

  9. btreese

    Looks like Carey better get on a different kind of bike….DOH

  10. Wow, their baby has four breasts to choose from.

  11. GuyLeDouche

    “That’s right, we have 3 kids; one of each!”

  12. Venom

    White fucking trash.
    They say you can’t stereotype people with tattoos, but I disagree.

    • ana

      moreover, they said they wanted to protect their child and blabla bla paparazzi blabla and next thing you know there they are on the cover of some shitty magazine WITH their newborn…. so let’s say that if they got paid for every pic the paparazzi took of them, maybe we wouldnt be seeing those middle fingers… it’s always about dollars, as usual…. as they say in italy words are cheap, they fly with the first wind… blabla pink blabla carey blabla fucking losers

  13. “That’ll be four hot dogs for the aristocrats by the tent. Go ask them what kind of condiments they want.”

  14. The Critical Crassness

    There is just no better way to spend a sunny afternoon than at the “Pink and Corey Hart Fan Appreciation Beach Bash”, where the two “stars” will physically show their appreciation for their fans with over the top shows of affection.

  15. Squishy

    Well said my friends, well said.

  16. The forearm jerk is much classier.

  17. Uh buddy, the middle finger is unnecessary. The fact that your hideous carcass is already covered in ink, pretty much already sends the message of “FU” to the world.

  18. kimmykimkim

    Still better at parenting than Casey Anthony.

  19. tlmck

    Their collective IQ.

  20. Sin

    That is their way of asking for a threesome.

  21. Sin

    By the way. Her mom boobs look great,

  22. Jovy

    Stay classy my friends.

  23. ugasean

    I don’t really care for her, but it was pretty cool when he ate that fish on the X-Files.

  24. Ismoss

    Yes throwing up the middle finger will always stop the paparazzi from taking your picture.

  25. Nobody

    YAY Her boobies have finally come in. Next she’ll have hair down there…

  26. Educated

    Which one’s P!nk?

  27. g-moonie

    What are the odds of finding THREE contact lenses on the beach?

  28. You missed a spot, Carey.

  29. Don’t switch the blades on the guy in shades, oh no..

  30. Heyzeus Hosay

    Funny how all these douchebag commentators on this douchebag website are judging these people as bad parents for flippin’ the paps off. What has parenting to do with this??? Sucking up to the paps would be a better example for the tots? They’re obviously not crusin’ around Hollywood with an entourage lookin’ for attention. And they’re famous for SOMETHING….unlike half the people on this site.

    This just makes me like them both more. And most of you less ;)

  31. Steelerchick

    Don’t make me sic Pink on you!!!

  32. Allison Wunderlan

    He: It’s only this big, but it made a baby!
    She: Actually only this big, but we did it twice.

  33. His full sleeve tat looks more like a “full wifebeater”

  34. Nik

    Yes. Flip off the people who make you remain important and millionaires.

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