1. Deacon Jones

    Starting to slim out again babe, don’t get knocked up again.

  2. Cock Dr


  3. I’m so glad I’ve already seen her tits. Now I can totally ignore her.

  4. PoorMaryKelly

    Looks like she’s doing a Britney Spears bathroom stop. Only with shoes.

    • Facebook Me

      I thought the same thing. She looks like she is about to say, “Nobody go in the bathroom, for a good 35-45 minutes.”

  5. Turd Ferguson

    Attention starved and void of anything above the silicone.

  6. She’s feeling happy, because she just filled out an application.

  7. GuyLeDouche

    “I got the job! I start Tuesday!”

  8. hbw

    “I just told them that 20 baby chickens shouldn’t have to die for their 20-piece McNuggets and they agreed with me!”

  9. Squishy

    She looks great…the dude does and his glasses…not so much!

  10. Fast Eddie

    Looks like she’s got her hand in his pocket and judging by the look on her face has found herself a happy meal.

  11. Gumption

    her legs look nice and athletic.

  12. Arzach

    The hottest white trash

  13. Sin

    Lets see, I suck him off for $100 and the manager for another $100. It sucks when I have to earn money. Literally.

  14. ugasean

    “Gee, the ball pit here is really different than the one back at the mansion!”

  15. “Honey! I’m good at a team sport too! This guy showed me how to play pocket pool!”

  16. She’s on a tour to promote the breakfast sandwich they’ve made for her called the McButterFace.

  17. CharmlessMan

    “That food has FAT. You did NOT tell me it has FAT. I am LEAVING.”

  18. Allison Wunderlan

    Looks like somebody’s one pickle shy of a quarter pounder.

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