1. PoorMaryKelly

    Nice rack but the hair hood is different.

  2. Her paper, “Refuting the Fleischmann–Pons Claims of Nuclear Fusion at Room Temperature: The Chemically Assisted Nuclear Reaction (CANR) Paradox,” is a must read.

  3. neo

    close to a perfect woman that you can get

    • CharmlessMan

      Really? The fact that it looks like someone punched her mouth and her tits are like two grapefruits in water balloons doesn’t bother you?

  4. I just Silvstedt in my pants a little.

  5. Squishy


  6. Gumption

    I want her dress. She can keep the nasty rack.

  7. Jovy

    Nice wig and tits uncle Fester.

  8. Hey, when did Goldie Hawn get the bolt-ons?

  9. MrFU

    Worked @ Playboy years ago – she’s pretty sweet in person (personality wise, nevermind the hotness factor).

  10. lori

    Who would think she is hot??? OMG. She looks like a trashy cartoon character.

  11. Ollie

    She used to be hot when I was a teenager in the 90s. I remember getting my first playboy with her in it.
    When I looked at this photo I assumed this was that Shauna Sands person until I read the caption. :(

  12. Star Droppings

    It must be hard to be the poor man’s Aubrey O’Day when even a poor man can have Aubrey O’Day if he can save up enough for an eight ball and a cheap motel room.

  13. Nobody

    With everything she’s got goin’ on up top and out front, the first thing I notice is that her eyes are too close together..

  14. Must have been a serious accident, her face AND chest airbags deployed.

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