1. Pip pip cheery-o

    Siphylis soup.

  2. Turd Ferguson

    It’s a talentless, shameless, groveling loser convention.
    The winner goes home with the Crypt Keeper and get a matching velvet robe.

  3. MrsWrong


  4. lemon

    The cloning machine is just behind the curtains.

  5. F me harder!

    I guess that L.A. is now running low on bleach, blond hair extensions.

  6. PoorMaryKelly

    Is Sam the man or ?

  7. hbw

    Which one of these things is not like the others?

  8. The Critical Crassness

    Boy those conjugal visits are sure different for people connected with Playboy founder, Hugh Hefner, aren’t they?

  9. bob

    Is the fucker ever going to jail?

  10. BRC

    Finally the answer to Barts age old question. There’s the white women!

  11. “…and I’m gonna call her Palmela.”

  12. Oh- let me take a crack at the meme too:

    In every photo there’s always a black guy in the foreground, saying it all with his hand gesture.

  13. Who is this dude anyway? I mean, other than Patient Zero for some new, incurable form of syph.

  14. Sam Jones III is without a doubt the saddest looking dude ever to be surrounded by five skanky whores.

  15. brian

    Imagine what prison will be like the opposite of this

  16. Jill

    Look, it’s the whore uniform.

  17. Dear Weed Dealer,

    This is why you should deal coke. Your welcome.

  18. A trailer with an in ground pool? And the BIG grey goose! You’d think if he could afford all that, he could get his pool skank skimmed.

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