1. Deacon Jones

    You know that saying a picture speaks a thousand words? Well this is one of them.

  2. Turd Ferguson

    Fat Camp.

    Maybe Cartman can sneak them some licorice.

  3. Who's roughing who?

    “Come with me, if you want to get skinny”


  5. Hopefully, for Skynet’s sake, that kid has machine guns in his cankles and those fat roles are actually extra ammo. If not, I am feeling pretty good about surviving judgement day.

  6. Cock Dr

    Double moobs.
    Asshole Arnie needs a new facelift.

  7. PoorMaryKelly

    Wow. Same plain white tees? Now that’s bonding.

  8. J

    The look of disappointment on Arnold’s face says it all

  9. Tracey

    “You Fat Ass, don’t valk to close to me! I am Terminator!”

  10. “You know, I have a son just your age.”

  11. Lemmiwinks

    Arnold: “I know what will cheer you up, Chris. I’ll call the housecleaning service and have them send over a couple maids… My treat!”

  12. In every father/son picture there is a dad saying it all with his face. In Arnold’s case, it looks like the feeling’s mutual.

  13. tmid

    David Letterman’s looking pretty pumped.

  14. Squishy

    Are we sure that is even his son…the chauffeur’s maybe…mail man…UPS delivery…no wait, does Crispy Cream deliver!??

  15. whiskeyafternoon

    and now there are Groping camps? specialization has gotten completely out of control

  16. “If it bleeds, we can eat it.”

  17. TwentySomething

    Looks like Arnold’s son eats his feelings…


  19. chupacabra

    Too many good ones… too many
    can’t compete… one of these cankles alone could take Carnival…

  20. justuhbill

    Who would have thought that the skeletor and a fitness king would have a blob for a son.

  21. Metey

    4 of his kids look like Kennedys. Maybe the fifth actually looks like him?

  22. vlad

    See? Arnold is a wee man…he’s only a couple inches taller than a 14 year old boy

  23. SimoneDeB

    “Ah, crap. Which one is he again? …… Should have given them both the same name, would have been much easier”

  24. “Don’t make me run! I’m full of chocolate!”

  25. GuyLeDouche

    This one’s a disappointment; thank goodness I have a spare.

  26. Laluni

    Arnold would probably have more love children if this kid would stop eating them all.

  27. g-moonie

    It’s hard to tell if the look of disappointment on Arnold’s face is because his son is overweight or because he continues to dress like a lesbian…

  28. Furst, Son, You geet da movies. Den you geet da mawnee. Den you geet da powa. Den you geet da weemen…Da shawt fat weemen.

  29. GuidotheRed

    Background: The reason I was forced to do all those situps in high school. Foreground: The embodied disappointment of never earning the Presidential Fitness Award.

  30. Wearing the same size shirt as Arnold Schwarzenegger…no longer something to brag about.

  31. CharmlessMan

    You know what? I was going to try, but the kid’s a teenager and is only famous by mistake. I’m gonna leave this one alone.

  32. Stewie Griffin

    Clearly we know which side of the family this kid got his genes from. The therapy bills for this kid are going to dwarf the alimony.

  33. “It’s not a toomah! It’s just my fat kid”

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