1. Cock Dr

    He’s on Clooney’s lake, but he ain’t no Clooney.

  2. Johnny P!

    I don’t get the whole Channing Tatum thing…
    He’s got a big flat face with two little beady eyes set too close together, a stupid name, and he’s a so-so actor with no real emotional depth.
    BUT, he obviously goes to the gym a lot, and doesn’t mind taking his clothes off onscreen, so I guess some 50+ year old gay producer in Hollywood saw him and thought: “SEX SYMBOL!!!”

  3. Jenna: Doctor Tatum, when I do this, my arms hurt.

    Tatum: Don’t do that then! Thank you, thank you, we’ll be here all week ladies and gentlemen!

  4. “What? Me worry?”

  5. “Honey, don’t worry. I saw Tommy Lee do this in that sex tape…”

  6. wheeeeeeee

    I thought those love dolls sure have come a long way. nice investment!

  7. He’s that special type of ventriloquist who touches his balls and the grotesque doll moves and talks

  8. cc


  9. The Pope

    Clooney left Tatum to drive the boat while he went “down below”.

  10. I would punch a puppy in the face if it meant I could be that helm for 10 seconds.

  11. As Channing pounds his pudding at the helm, he thinks to himself, “Well, it is a pleasure boat, after all.”

  12. Pierce Bronzetan

    Laugh at him all you like, but he’s using his dick as a rudder.

  13. anonymous

    Who the hells orders a Real Doll that looks like their spouse? The purpose is to order one that doesn’t.

  14. “You can let go of the wheel, Channing. I’ve got it.”

  15. Jade

    Channing Tatum takes his Real Doll out for the day.

  16. Beaver Envy

    He’s the male equivalent of dumb blonde with big jugs.

  17. From A Straight 29 Year Old Woman

    I think this is pretty much like all the women who make catty comments about beautiful women on here…. jealousy rearing it’s ugly head. It’s ok, guys, he is attractive. It doesn’t make YOU less attractive. Grow up.

    • Franka

      I hate to mention it, but unless I miss my guess, the guys who posted are probably no Channing Tatum. If they were, they would be out “workin it,” not posting comments during their off hours, on a celebrity website… Now, all that aside, have you seen Magic Mike???

  18. Jill

    Let me describe the Channing Tatum infatuation for the gentlemen : He’s our version of a Jessica Alba. Or Jessica Biel.

  19. celebutard

    Bowling Shoes!

  20. Jon

    Yeah baby. Put it in the dock wit your actin’ skills. I’m gonna practice looking badass!

  21. Roseanne Barr

    Did he just jerk off in her hair?

  22. mamamiasweetpeaches


  23. bethy

    It’s really humble of him to wind her back up in front of the paparazzi.

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