1. DeucePickle

    God bless her.

  2. neo

    Satan bless her, also.

  3. cc

    I hate her husband. I feel perfectly entitled to do so.

  4. She’s getting prettier? What the fuck?

  5. Joe

    Motherhood has done her well. Not as well as I’d do her, but not bad.

  6. RoadRage

    Every time I look at her it reminds me. Next time pay a bigger bribe to whoever mixes the gene pool.

  7. oldfool

    Let them puppies breathe.

  8. Heffe

    Just one picture?!

  9. El Jefe

    Seriously, who gets hotter after the second baby? She is just smoking now.

  10. tlmck

    Meh. Phoebe Cates did it better a number of years ago. Better actress also.

    • You’re just saying that because she went topless onscreen and Jessica Alba hasn’t.

      • tlmck

        She went bottomless too in Paradise, and yet her sexiest role was scantilly clad ina miniseries called lace.

        Regardless of clothing, always thought she had a cuter face than Jessica.

  11. fvalen001

    She wants me so bad. But I reject her cavernous va-jay-jay. That would be like tossing a hot dog down a hall way. I have my standards. :D

  12. Beaver Envy

    Love her. She’s such a gift to men.

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