1. Got a little Kilmer look going. How nice for him.

  2. Johnny P!

    He’s aging as well as Melanie, I see…

  3. Contusion

    He looks like the manager of one of Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville restaurants.

  4. “It really tied the room together…”

  5. cc

    If they remake ‘Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man’ it’ll have the worst hair in any movie ever.

  6. tlmck

    Looks like Sonny Crockett got a little “tubby”.

  7. I’m torn between marveling at his surprisingly youthful skin or getting megadepressed by absolutely everything else on this picture.

  8. saavik001

    Still looks better than Mickey Rourke.

  9. Coyote

    If you can’t do the Beard; give it up

  10. “You think I look bad, you should see my ex-…”

  11. babycita

    Looks like everything is going pretty good for Chaz Bono these days…

  12. squishy

    Sweet Mother of God!!!

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