1. Cock Dr

    *gasp of horror*
    We need an emergency application of boardwalk fries, and a smoothie…RIGHT NOW.

  2. JC

    “Honey, can you carry the football? Your auntie’s arms can’t handle the weight.”

  3. Mr. Poop

    “Pencil and Son of Whore”

  4. I think we’ve conclusively shown that “huge ass” is a paternal gene.

  5. fvalen001

    Where’s Aubrey O’Day? What a jip!

  6. Fuck the both of them. Just for the simple fact that they are Kardashians and no good can come from that.

  7. Lost

    cut her some slack, she’s only 16 and im sure in a few years she’ll chub up just like the rest of the k-klan

  8. CK

    At her debutante, does she get her pick of the rappers to piss on her?

  9. jim

    pull the string kid! pull it!

  10. Raoul

    “Auntie, is this ‘balls deep’? Daddy keeps saying that whenever you come to visit.”

  11. James

    My dick is thicker than her legs.

  12. Pierce Bronzetan

    To train for her future, they’re off to play “Hide The Football”.

  13. El Jefe

    Chris Hanson told me to keep on moving.

  14. “Come on! We only have so much time until the football has to go back to Aunt Kim’s ‘special place.’ “

  15. Swearin

    Aww, how cute, they’re training him to be a football star so Aunt Kim will have another pro athlete to bang when she’s 50

  16. Gfizzle

    Pictures like these remind me food is for poor people.

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