1. EricLr

    I’ve always heard that fame will really swell your head.

  2. Seems they’re now hiding the red pill inside a Cinnabon.

  3. Sheppy

    A close one. I just caught the previous picture in the thumb gallery in time. Managed to skip it.

  4. Wadebing

    Paul Rodriguez is looking good.

  5. Cock Dr

    Howz yer daughter Larry?

  6. j/k

    Larry Doublecheeseburgerburn

  7. Joe

    What if I told you Morpheus morphed into a whale?

  8. Biff

    It’s Larry damnit…IT’S LARRY!

    Just kidding. You can call me whatever you want. I’ll be up in room 202.

  9. He may be smiling in the picture, but you know the whole “my daughter’s a whore” thing has him crying on the inside.

  10. cc

    His face looks a bit like his daughter’s butt.

  11. Heffe

    Follow the white rabbit. Then eat it.

  12. SSHGuru

    He ATE the Matrix

  13. …………………..sooooo on a scale of 1-10, how racist is it to think a black guy looks like every Japanese caricature/cartoon I’ve ever seen? Think Looney Tunes before they cleaned themselves up. No? No one sees this? It’s just me out here? Now I look like an asshole. And the fact that I’ve called out two races just makes me feel even more like I’ve stepped on some toes. Well thanks for just leaving me out here to hang myself! Aww shit. That’s….that’s probably going to be poorly received as well…

  14. FattyMcGee

    Why you felt the need to add a second pic of Biz Markie (without the YoGabaGaba dude), is beyond me.

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