1. EricLr

    She really has made the most of that timer function on her camera.

  2. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Makes you sorry for every one who won an Iron Cross

  3. Johnny P!

    If you have to squeeze ‘em together for the cameras, then you just don’t have faith in ‘the girls’.

    • CranAppleSnapple

      And look at the effort! You can hear the “Unnngh”! She’s gonna need tiger balm on those “biceps” later.

  4. unimate

    Somebody show this to Christina Hendricks so she can see how the whole “ghoulish face/big pasty tits” thing is done correctly.

  5. FanGirl

    what nightmares are made of

  6. But…but…I thought tits fixed everything!

  7. There is no face. Only tits.

  8. Little Tongue

    Pippi Longstocking grew up to become what? A trick turning maid? Damn!

  9. Who slipped the acid into Grandma’s Ovaltine again?

  10. RHawk

    Nothing a paper bag wouldn’t fix. Then again, plastic might make the problem go away permanently.

  11. That’s a sharp looking chin

  12. Contusion

    If they ever do a remake of Brazil…

  13. cc

    She’s like a really ugly bottle of Brokers Gin.

  14. Bonky

    Investigators have found this photo on Sage Stallone’s cell phone and decided to upgrade his cause of death from “Accidental Overdose” to “Suicide”.

    • Anna

      There is no connection between Sage Stallone and Phoebe Price making this hardly a “joke” – it’s just you using the opportunity you’ve obviously been waiting for to say it. His body isn’t even cold FFS – let it be.

  15. CK

    Skeletor got titties

  16. Heffe

    Nip-slip. The girls’ first time in the sun, based on the freckle count.

  17. MILF

    It would be the Freckle Apocalypse if she & Lindsay hooked up. Also, very cool to watch.

  18. Were they doing a live version of Tim Burton’s “Corpse Bride”? I gotta say I’m not completely sold on this casting choice. I mean granted, she does scream I’m-cold-and-dead-inside-but-please-love-me-anyway. But find me a reasonably priced hooker who doesn’t! Picking Phoebe just ’cause she’s always hanging around is just lazy people. Go the hooker route next time. It’s twice the bargain and half the shame.

  19. Jill Ess

    She accidentally got her Comic Con costume and her slutty Halloween costume mixed up this morning.

  20. Hmmmm…I wonder if it would be possible to remove her tits and have them mounted to my headboard…

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