1. EricLr

    I don’t thing Jay Chandrasekhar appreciated just HOW sour that particular sweet-and-sour cocktail sauce would be.

  2. Whoopi

    Guy from behind: “Eeeeww, she’s oozing out compressed shrimps!”

  3. Zee Brat

    I love that it doesn’t even mention Jay Chandrasekhar.

  4. Mike Walker

    Sort of want…

  5. Thought bubble from Olivia’s head: “I hope that asshole isn’t still staring at my asshole.”

  6. Keno

    “Want to touch da hiney.”

  7. cc

    Another addition to The Chive gallery.

  8. Olivia looking as beautiful as always.

  9. where’s a fistfull of shrimp grease when you need it?

  10. jim

    its the slammin’ salmon reunion minus the rest of the cast

  11. Boy Blunder

    Fuck off Munngolian.

  12. His face says it all: ‘meh’

  13. Rico Jones

    Wow she has some guts to show up at Comic Con the way she blew off all those G4 nerds. Did she make it out alive? I would have figured they would stone her the moment they saw her.

    • Crabby Old Guy

      No, now that she shows her tits in some new movie, she’s back in their good graces.

    • JPC

      Awww, angry nerds are angry because the hot chick that pretended to like you to get famous, turned out to be just a hot chick that pretended to like you to get famous.

      • Rico Jones

        That is exactly what happened. Worst plan she ever had.

        Step 1) Build up fan base.

        Step 2 ) Piss off and abandon fan base.

        Step 3) Be reduced to showing ones tits in shitty movies.

        Excellent strategy on Olivia’s part.

      • Ollie

        Which movie was this?
        Uhh a friend wants to know.

      • Bionic_Crouton

        Magic Mike. The first fifteen minutes.

      • JPC

        @rico – Eh….she’s in a movie that’s doing very well, and a relatively large part in an HBO show that is getting decent ratings (by HBO standards), “The Newsroom.” (Which, even as a liberal, I will never watch, because it just sounds fucking retarded).

        I’d say she’s doing pretty well. If all I had to do to get in that position was piss off some noodle-armed nerds, I’d do it in a heartbeat.

      • Rico Jones

        She is a working actor but that is about it. She has a string of failures and just basic acting work on her resume. Her show “Perfect Couples” totally bombed. Olivia will be able to blow her way into roles but she’ll never become the star she dreams of being. I will put money on that.

      • EricLr

        And they keep falling for it. Right now Sarah Underwood and Candace Bailey are both pretending to like videogames to get a movie role too. And the nerds are going to be SHOCKED when they finally get that role and leave G4 behind like a bad dream.

      • At least with Sara Underwood we have the benefit of having seen her naked before she came to G4. Candace Bailey needs to step her game up. I demand she make a nude yoga video right now!

    • Bionic_Crouton

      They wouldn’t let us to bring rocks in. Swords yes, rocks no.

  14. anonymous

    Yep…someone looks like she just blew her way onto the next Jay Chandrasekhar film.

  15. Bionic_Crouton

    The guy behind her looks like he would eat shrimp and masturbate to her if there weren’t so many people around.

  16. El Jefe

    “Dammit, why did I leave my shrimp and cocktail sauce at home” – Jay

  17. Coyote

    I want her so bad; just for one long weekend

  18. tlmck

    The guy behind her can obviously spot the tuck job.

  19. McPhatty

    Looks like Rabbit is getting ready to play a new game of ‘Meow’

  20. Jill

    Awh.. his face looks like she just refused a moustache ride.

  21. Adam

    Mother of God!

  22. mrsmass

    she’s just happy someone is taking her picture.

  23. bigalkie

    Howdy Partner..Birdie Num Num

  24. Laradurden

    Spray Tans: Attracting Latino men who’ll never have a chance since 2009

  25. “Phone call for Olivia Munn…phone call for Olivia Munn…Ms. Munn, Samuel L. Jackson is on the line and wants to know if you’ll hop a plane to Italy…”

  26. harshfucker420

    Iunno. I’ve seen her naked… Meh.

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