1. Jon Pork

    Lloyd Dobler takes out a ninja..

  2. Getting into character for the Pacino biopic.

  3. Jenn


  4. Flaunting the helmet law? Ask Gary Busey about that one.. if he remembers…

  5. That Delta Force remake looks incredibly lame.

  6. The Era of Unfortunate Headscarfs ended a really long time ago, John.

  7. guy

    bunch of fucking haters, you all are.

  8. awkward turtle

    There is a typo in the caption. It should read:

    “Joan Cusack in Toronto. (July 13, 2013)”

  9. Not seen: the stack of pizzas bungied behind the seat he has to have delivered in the next 10 minutes or it comes out of his paycheck.

  10. John Cusack has found through experience that driving his motorcycle with his hand on the wind screen helps to dry his nail polish.

  11. seat filler

    Hey this is Canada helmets are required

  12. Fat Chick

    It’s the moped’s turn to be embarrassed.

  13. EricLR

    Is he headed for an E-Street Band audition?

  14. Having learned there are still people out there with lingering fond memories of “Say Anything,” John Cusack takes to the road to find them and douche at them in person.

  15. Anybody know the displacement of that thing? I’m guessing 100cc..
    And what’s up with the pegs?

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