1. tlmck

    That should put those gay rumors to rest.

  2. He’s an angry elf.

  3. Chris

    We are going from baggy pants that sag to the knees to pants so tight you can count change in the pocket.

  4. Joy

    Fellas, if you’re straight, do not wear “skinny jeans”. Unless of course you never want to get laid again… by a female.
    ~ a female

  5. wow, he took the big dive from snowboard punk to metro sexual hipster in a big way.

  6. There’s goes the street cred.

  7. awkward turtle

    No, no guys. You’ve got it wrong. The red tassle on the right front belt loop means he is NOT gay.

  8. I wonder how much “they” paid him to cut his hair.

  9. cc

    When you pull on the tassle, you get a dong.

  10. EricLR

    You’re move, Johnny Depp.

  11. I don’t care if you’re wearing leggings, there’s no excuse for a tee dress to be that short.

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