1. richie

    seen here laughing at the stupidity of people electing him to any office

  2. Screech for Mayor!

  3. “Ha ha ha! Ha ha! What do you mean, ask my driver who ‘she’ follows on Twitter?”

  4. “Hyyyyyynnnnnnah!”

  5. Dan

    That’s one happy Wiener.

  6. Cock Dr

    Do it New York!
    I dare ya!

  7. hes not wearing any pants.

  8. his nose is migrating into his mouth.

  9. Ratsass Johnson

    I don’t think he’s laughing. I’m pretty sure he’s about to take the Jimmy Hoffa reality ride.

  10. At the beginning of his career, Anthony Weiner considered changing his name to Tony Baloney.

  11. “Stop the car I smell a penny !”

  12. “Is that George Zimmerman driving me? Good thing I’m jewish. Ahahahaha!”

  13. cc

    Jesus fuck get porcelain fillings.

  14. EricLR

    Oh no, the Mob has kidnapped Screech!!!

  15. He just likes to sit next to someone at a traffic light quietly making that face until they turn their heads and notice him and have a heart attack.

  16. That guy sitting next to him must be pinching his pecker really fucking hard!

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