1. ThisWillHurt

    I didn’t know Obamacare covered bedazzled arm slings.

  2. I wish she’d gotten those things out before… well, before.

  3. That cast > my last year’s income

  4. Jenn

    My new boyfriend’s name is Darvocet, I love him!

  5. Steve

    And out of the paparazzi’s incessant glare, nick cannon nurses a smashed skull.

  6. I thought it was Wendy Williams at first.

  7. I want to do horrible, unspeakably sexy things to her.

  8. I don’t particularly like her and wouldn’t know her music from a
    hurdy-gurdy, but I have been obsessed with her breasts for years. C’mon, girlfriend, drop your top.

  9. lk

    she hasn’t looked this good since the 90′s

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