1. Up to here I guess?

  2. tlmck

    See! I’m not gay. I have a wedding ring.

  3. ThisWillHurt

    “So you just keep tugging on it and then BOOM! You’ve got your very own, home made, protein shake. That’s how I bulk up for my ‘X-Men’ roles. Next question, please.”

  4. Tricky Fish

    Seriously! I got my fist all the way up to here inside Travolta!

  5. Photoshop – do your worst.

  6. awkward turtle

    “This is the button, on the left wrist here, that you shove under the mens’ room stall in the Minneapolis airport. This one.”

  7. Love to see this guy without his wig.

  8. AWOL

    …and then when I have him pretty worked up, I’ll switch to a Western grip like this.
    It isn’t long then before I get a face basting!

  9. “In the States, as well as in Australia, we wear white shirts like this whenever we fly Asiana Airlines. That way, when it crashes, we’re already dressed for going to Heaven.”

  10. “From here to my fingertips. THAT’S the non-gay part of me…until it’s up John Travolta’s corn blaster”

  11. Odbarc

    He flips off his right hand but shows his left.
    Wolverine is showing signs of Alzheimer disease.

  12. EricLR

    “What do I think of Russell Crowe? Well, I can answer that question with just one finger….”

  13. canudigit

    This is my new move – the reverse grip and tickle!

  14. Let me show you the Down Under version of “Gangnam Style”..

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