1. tlmck

    “Nick Cannon performs…”. What exactly is his talent again?

  2. Jenn

    My wife’s so high she can’t remember my name. Woohoo! Everybody dance now!!

  3. Why oh why

    That’s not an oversized ball cap, it’s a helmet and cranial plate to protect his swollen cerebrum as he recovers from Mariah sitting on his head

  4. Suburban Meyer

    CityWalk Concert. Those are free.

  5. Zeorge Gimmerman

    is this anywhere near Fruitvale Station?

  6. Hey, stupid, someone’s banging your wife in New York right now.

  7. This guy is such a shit head, he actually makes me understand why people are fans of Chris Brown.

  8. cc

    Better this than trying to be intentionally funny.

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