1. Weeblo

    He into trannys?

  2. tlmck

    The Hoff is doing roids these days?

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    I thought this was the couple from Jersey Shore… you know, the muscle bound Roid head and his vapid girlfriend. How could I have made that mistake?

  4. I think my favorite steroids are boob steroids

  5. I wonder if there is a support group just for women how date Canseco or Tom Sizemore. The things they have seen.

  6. Smart thinking Jose. It’s always a good idea to bring a personal flotation device to a pool party.

  7. All i see is steroids and a bad boob job, and badly shown off at that.

  8. joe

    His tweets are like drunk history. But he’s not goofing around.

  9. dmbishop

    Honey, after the pool party I really need to spend time on fixing the quantum fluctuations in the cold fusion reactor…

    OK sweetie, but first I have to swing over to the UN to give them the peace plan they tasked me with creating…

  10. Cock Dr

    Something tells me his hand on the back of her neck is a very frequent thing.

  11. Seriously, what kind of psycho does she have to be to be Jose Canseco’s girlfriend?

  12. At least now we know where he hides his baseballs.

  13. Where's Dildo

    Hey slut, Imma let you finish showin off yo tits. But Canseco has the biggest injections of all time.

  14. Drew from Initech

    Sadly for him the more roids he uses and the bigger he and his muscles grow the smaller his already tiny dick will appear.

  15. Better living through chemistry, whether organic or not.

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