1. JC

    Which member of the Penn State coaching staff is that?

  2. tlmck

    Just another of his gay romps in a men’s room.

  3. Coming to the Hallmark channel: Billy Bob Thornton in…. “Sandusky’s kids..”

  4. ThisWillHurt

    The next day, that man claimed to have been impregnated by him.

  5. CK

    Did they tap feet between the stalls first?

  6. “Are you actually trying to maul me? That’s so cute!”

  7. Jenn

    Now turn around, bend over, and call me Bill Clinton ..boy.

  8. Is this the “before” shot – or the “after” ??

  9. Geez, at least wash your hands first…

  10. Tricky Fish

    I guess they were out of mop buckets…

  11. yourmom

    That DOES NOT count as community service, asshole.

  12. Oops. Didn’t know I could piss that high.

  13. “There’s no mop bucket, so I need you to kneel down”

  14. Is that Peter North?

  15. In Jackass 4, Steve-O agrees to have Justin Bieber piss in his mouth from 10 feet away.

  16. Ya, lots of teeth old man that’s how I like it.

  17. “Get back down there, Mister, you’re not done yet!”

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