1. broduhjenner

    uttoh! someone let Alicia Silverstone feed their baby!

  2. ruckus

    He looks like a young Riff Raff.

  3. Tricky Fish

    The ratty hair, hemp necklace and artist’s shoes? Somebody’s been attending the Shia Lebouef Preschool of Douchenozzlery.

  4. awkward turtle

    There is a typo in the caption. It should read:

    “Selma Blair with her daughter Arthur in Los Angeles. (July 14, 2013)”

  5. “Charlie Sheen fired… my… mom. Imagine what my life is like…”

  6. AWOL

    “…yeah, I’m tapping those.”

  7. EricLR

    I’m going to go with Down’s Syndome diagnosis….for both of them.

  8. Johnny Barbells

    Baby Derp

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