1. Pickle Nose

    She must the the “before” example, right?

  2. broduhjenner

    sometimes the clothes make the woman, sometimes the woman makes the clothes look tacky esp with a barbed wire tat-coco chanel

  3. Jon Pork

    If you look at the dress just right, you can see those shapes morph into Biohazard symbol.

  4. tlmck

    I know how the dress feels.

  5. Why doesn’t Mark Cuban just put her out of her misery and hire her for the weekend?

  6. “Pamela Anderson at the Obliphica booth at the Cosmoprof Convention in Vegas.”

    Oh, come on, Photo Boy. If you don’t know exactly where this is from, you don’t have to make up words.

  7. @&^@*#!~&

    That dress… It’s like some kind of code, right?

  8. so this is the part where pam finds out theres not gonna be any free booze.

  9. AWOL

    I doesn’t seem as if either of these guys are having a problem not looking at her tits.
    It is truly over.

  10. Pamela Anderson tries to remain perfectly still, as not to frighten Dr. Robert Bruce Banner behind her. She would hate for him to begin to transform into the Incredible Hu–OH NO!

  11. Your move, Angie Dickinson…

  12. Is she doing the Pledge of Allegiance?

  13. She looks like she’s walking the “last mile” to the execution chamber.

  14. The cosmoprof appearance was a paycheck and the organizers had been fair and cordial to Pamela. But it wasn’t until she saw the lifesized Oil of Olay sculpture of Tommy Lee’s peen that caused her to freeze, deer in the headlights with her portal of sin opening up wide and growling ‘feed me’ that she was glad to be at the convention.

  15. EricLR

    I think the botox has paralyzed her whole body at this point.

  16. Still better than Firecrotch.

  17. I don’t know what “Obliphica” is, but I’m pretty sure from this picture that she’s got it.

  18. JJ

    still the ugliest tattoo of all time

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