1. ThisWillHurt

    I’d make a comment about how he’s looking at the previous picture, but he’s so fucking high that his eyes are constantly leering.

  2. I’ve heard of half-baked. This must be twice baked.

  3. Aaron Hernandez = Not Guilty. Right, Snoop?

  4. HairQueen

    He needs to get his roots done.

  5. First time I’ve ever seen Snoop when he wasn’t loaded on something. *puts hand over mouth and laughs until he pees himself*

  6. “Nana! NANA! You’ve got some grey showing. They forgot to finish your colour when they did your permanent!”
    “See… thas why you always been my favourite o’ all my gran chilren’s”.

  7. He’s starting to morph into Snoop Goldberg.

  8. Notwithstanding the stylish gold-plated Swiss Army knife accessory, the fact remains his roots need a touch-up.

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