1. tito

    fix-o-dent and (wish i could) forget it.

  2. zomgbie

    ffs tmi.

  3. Ronaldo

    a cry? a laugh? either way….hideous.

  4. Joe

    She just entered the self destruct code on her wrist computer.

  5. I think I can see Boba Fett.

  6. cc

    To get her back to her stable, use sugar cubes.

  7. All I can hear is Scooby Doo’s laugh.

  8. Someone used “Jenny McCarthy” and “20 years” in the same sentence again.

  9. I told them not to lay the red carpet in the centrifuge.

  10. Nice coke there Meredith….we can see it in your nose ya know.

  11. Swearin

    “Ms. Vieira, what do you think NBC’s chances are of becoming the #1 network again next season?”

  12. whatever

    so, larry king asked her out for a date.
    under 30 dude, under 30, or that’s the reaction.

  13. California Chrome is doing well.

  14. A nanosecond before a huge booger shoots out her right nostril.

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