1. Gordawn

    He was made from a picture that Michael Jackson brought on his first plastic surgery appointment.

  2. PassingTrue

    Harry, it’s Ryan Seacrest on line 1.

  3. cc

    His only hope of survival is to go to an alternative school.

  4. Marketing Mike

    So this is a REAL X-Man, eh Brian?

  5. Short Round

    I don’t care how white those highlights are, not even with a ten foot pole! – Pepe Le Pew

  6. Fuck, don’t tell me they’re doing an Ed Grimley reboot!

  7. “My hue is orange.”

  8. A duelling scar on his left cheek?

  9. cajunhawk

    My friends…if we are to continue the tradition of British twinks playing our American Superheroes…this is the next Aquaman.

  10. He’s one of the four horsemen.

  11. This may represent the breaking point before Straight Eye for the Queer Guy.

  12. Caroline

    He’s from The Only Way is Essex.

  13. When I clicked on this photo both my mouth and my asshole automatically went to Defcon 1.

  14. Damn, those people at Madame Tussauds get better and better every year!

  15. Swearin

    It’s like someone dared him to look as close to an Anime character as possible

  16. bob

    lol, what a twat

  17. Didn’t any one warn him not to look at Medusa’s face?

  18. Maley Cyrus ?

  19. Home Depot makeover? Is spray paint hypo allergenic?

  20. ElPollodiablo

    Go back to uncanny valley! Aiiieeee!

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