1. Cock Dr

    It’s a great shot; I hope the photographer was rewarded for risking this kind of proximity to the MelBeast.

  2. Mike Barwis

    Mel loves his only-curls workout routine.

  3. PassingTrue

    Lethal Weapon is now down to a few hasty jaywalking moves.

  4. YES! This shot was worth every penny photoboy/Fish. Danka!

  5. cc

    Nike, just Jew it

  6. JimBB

    Skipping in my slippers….skipping in my slippers…

  7. Short Round

    I always wondered what a deranged Roadrunner would look like.

  8. “One, two, skip on a jew. Three, four, knock ‘em to the floor. Five, six, kick ‘em in the dick. Seven, eight, masturbate…”

  9. “The Jews are after me!!!!!”

  10. dontkillthemessenger

    Frogger is just better after drinking a gallon of Vodka.

  11. Spleen

    Brave Fart

  12. Those are some shitty hair plugs…

  13. Must …. get to …. Nuremberg rallies …

  14. Either he’s about to get blown, or a house is about to burn down.

  15. Vlad

    Oh no, Judge Wopner is on! Judge Wopner is on!

  16. He’s playing Frogger with Hollywood Jews.

  17. Slappy Magoo

    Takes a lot of drive if you’re going to compete in the Upper Class Twit of the Year obstacle course.

  18. Swearin

    “Anti-Semitic Flash, away!”

  19. I always imagined the first official walk by the Ministry of Racist Walks would be goostestepping, but to each their own.

  20. “C’mon, take the fucking picture already. I can’t stand like this all day.”

  21. “Come back! Come back ! You didn’t blow me !”

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