1. “Come on, sweetie. I didn’t mean to call you Bryan. I swear!”

  2. Funny, that guy doesn’t look like a “Shayna”.

  3. PassingTrue

    Her primary responsibilities will be shopping.

  4. cc

    So, that’s the look this year is it? Dungarees, suit jacket, pink shirt, purple handkerchief. I guess I better get shopping.

    • Johnny Barbells

      …yes; “dungarees.”

      …don’t forget to pick up a new pair of “tennis shoes” while you’re shopping.

      • Dude, in the south, no one says “sneakers.” Its all tennis shoes, all the time… and every soda is a “Coke.”
        Dungarees though? sounds like something Sears sold in the kids section in 1972..

  5. “Honey, calm down…I’m sorry I screamed! I didn’t know you had an ‘inney’”

  6. Marketing Mike

    I really like his new beard, she’s very pretty with nice eyes+


  7. Short Round

    I’m sorry about the pants, honey. But you saw we were both wearing the same suit and no way I was gonna change.

  8. If there was a 3 some, looks like the untucked guy got all of Ryan’s attention.

  9. There is a Whole Lotta Pocket Pool in that Picture!

  10. journalschism

    “I wouldn’t fuck her with YOUR dick. Wait…”

  11. maria

    “Honey please wait! I promise I wont cry at the sight of you naked anymore!”

  12. “Hey! I wasn’t about ti have sex with that guy. I was just showing him my tramp stamp!”

  13. “Hey! He bet ME that I couldn’t fit his cock and balls in my mouth. I would have won too if you hadn’t interrupted us!”

  14. whatever

    who is that gay guy pretending to chase a girl?

  15. “Shana Taylor” is a weird name for Monacan man. The blonde walking in front of them is pretty hot.

  16. “Hey, wait, Babe. C’mon. Don’t walk so fast. I didn’t mean it when I said I’d rather hear a fat boy fart than to hear you sing…and anyway, it was just a joke…C’mon Shayna, wait up.”

  17. “Hey, I said you could TRY the dress on. I’m wearing it to an event later this week. You can’t keep it! HEY!”

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