1. karen

    Somewhere in that box there better be some tampons…

  2. PassingTrue

    Give her a break, it’s her Thor finger.

  3. Peace… here’s your half.

  4. cc

    She has a lovely face but she seems to be a huge flake.

  5. Marketing Mike

    She used to be fun but now that she married the French guy,
    she’s just pissed off all the time. Fuck you too baby, and I
    won’t use my finger (it will just feel like it).

  6. Short Round

    If you’re gonna give the finger then have the balls to do it right. Not hide behind some fakery. This is just lame.

  7. Not cool for her to show how how big her husband is.

  8. Seems to me that being in two movies in the last five years and marrying an effeminate French guy doesn’t exactly seem like her career is on the upswing. She should be grateful someone remembered to take her picture.

  9. Derek

    Shes got a great box.

  10. Can’t blame her, nothing being done photoworthy here. She’s probably reminding the stalker with the camera of his IQ.

  11. Sack Lunch

    Obscene finger gestures from such a pristine girl.

  12. Honestly, I see this and all I can think is; “Natalie Portman, collect three cool points and take Pinky Tuscadero up to Inspiration Point!” That woman’s got sass now, baby!!

  13. Idiot photographer is photographing her from the wrong side.
    Shes in spandex so think the ass shot is mandatory.
    Get that pap back to paparazzi class…

  14. Swearin

    “Natalie, Natalie! What do you think about the new Star Wars movies basically pretending the prequels didn’t exist?”

  15. whatever

    shia labeouf used to say this is his dream woman,
    i think he has a shot now, seeing as she dresses as sloppy as him and pulls lame gestures like him, i bet she wishes whe was married to labeouf instead of whatwhoguy, at least she’d get tons of REAL publicity, and maybe a job or two..

  16. “Natalie. How do you feel about being upstaged by Kat Dennings in the Thor movies.”

  17. Thank you, Natalie, for showing us your true attitude. Now you need to go to confession at the Temple…oh, wait…that’s not the Jews? Oh. Anyway, I’ll not be watching any more of your films.

  18. The Dudes: “What you want Natalie?”
    Natalie: “To drink and fight!”

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