1. Cock Dr

    Sports is about bringing people together; despite the loss a good shagging was had by all.

  2. “Rihanna, have you ever been punched so hard, you thought you were a port-a-potty?”

  3. cc

    Two largely talentless people who mysteriously famous came together at last.

  4. JimBB

    He just suddenly appears whenever attractive women lift their shirts.

  5. I think this is how World War Z started.

  6. Couldn’t find any bracelets to wear, Gerry? You tool.

  7. Issuing a serious challenge to STD prevention worldwide.

  8. So now this damned Scot wants to put his haggis in her lamb’s pen. She’ll be ruined for life. “Begone ye heathen…leave that poor woman alone, why don’t ya? Go. Move on or i’ll toss me caber at ya.”

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