1. Man, I love great music.

    Which has nothing to do with what’s going on here.

  2. cc

    No one out-crotches Miley

  3. Short Round

    Is there something we should know why she’s performing at G-A-Y Nightclub? Because if there is I have a serious apology to make to my dick.

  4. PassingTrue

    I’m sure another ten minutes she’ll find that contact lens.

  5. “I’m telling you to loosen up my butthole, babe!”

  6. Spleen

    She knows what her talent is.

  7. buzz

    This is what you do when you mess up your lip syncing. Not hop around acting lost like Ashlee Simpson.

  8. Rasputin's Evil Twin

    Performing WHAT?

  9. Swearin

    After her show, it became known as the Formerly G-A-Y nightclub

  10. whatever

    she who never was

  11. Now that’s a performance I want to see from her.

  12. ” I accidentally swallowed my earring… do you see it?”

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