1. Cock Dr

    That is the largest 4th trimester pregnancy ever pictured on the site, no doubt.

  2. Text

    “now he kiss me fkn gross”

  3. cc

    No one can see you drinking so I’ll just pass you a mouthful of Chardonnay.

  4. tito

    an alcoholic and a pregnant woman walk into a wine store. no, seriously, what are they doing in a wine store?

  5. I guess Kelsey thinks it is never too early to make the kid his drinking buddy.

  6. “Ven he lean in for kiss, you press button and bomb explode. You will be hero to world, comrade Walsh.”

  7. cajunhawk

    That’s a kiss that screams “Thanks honey for letting me drink my ass off while something grows inside of you.” Well played Fraiser Crane.

  8. CrashHell

    At long last after hours upon hours, Grammer had made good head way on finishing the inflatable pool floatie without a pump.

  9. “… what the hell is a Roz mom lol”

  10. Too late, Kelsey, more than likely you’re gonna have to pay child support on this one.

  11. “Stop, stop! I’m texting the fath… I mean my friend…”

  12. BbyBluThghHghs

    I thought that was Britney Spears. And I was so confused.

  13. Everything about this photo just made me lose my appetite. So much for lunch.

  14. He’s never gonna learn

  15. journalschism

    “Mmphr, uh-uh, um, whaf ur PIN agin?”

  16. “I love you baby.”
    “I love you too Daddy- I mean Kelsey.”

  17. whatever

    kelsey grammer is just as gross as hugh hefner, and equally pathetic, they should look at themselves and question where those women find love and/or sexual attraction to them
    they’re just super GROSS stupid old men
    and the women their own age who got away from them can thank their lucky star they don’t have to serve these disgusting old men, there is nothing MATURE about anything in those guys relationships to women, only I BOUGHT YOU I HAVE MONEY NOW PRETEND YOU LOVE ME FOR THE CAMERAS, whores are all they get, fame and money whores

  18. Neil Diamond

    Money talks, but it can’t drink, and text, and possibly demand child support.

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