1. copy cat

    dis how chicken egg smell boo

  2. cc

    She’s temporarily been replaced in my, er, heart by the wives and girlfriend’s of the German football team. Have you seen those chicks? Fuuuck.

  3. brick

    dis how chicken make scratch

  4. I would happily apply for the job to hold her boobs.

  5. Walter Peck

    Which came first? Dis chicken or the egg?

    Answer: me, by a long shot.

  6. It was on this day Frosty decided to make face sitting a regular winter activity.

  7. dis how chicken ….shit?

  8. She’s sitting on a giant egg. It’s like she’s asking for a dis how chicken joke.

  9. That’s not the ball I want her to sit on.

  10. ♫ ♪ “Hey, Jo…where you goin’ with that tit in your hand? I said, ‘Hey, Jo…where you goin’ with that tit in your hand?’…” ♫ ♪

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