1. “Just keep it together, Alan. If Brian said you’re the next Pyro, then you’re the next Pyro.”
    “I’m making him Pyro to remind me of how much I’m going to make his ass burn”

  2. cc

    Rearview mirror by Moulinex?

  3. zomgbie

    young cyclops.

  4. JimBB

    Introducing the newest X-man “Twink.”

  5. PassingTrue

    His speaking role will be to ask for more lube.

  6. Pilin


  7. it’s funny how clearly you can read peoples thoughts on their face.

    Unamed Male Companion is thinking “I hope this is worth it”

    and Singer is thinking “It’s SO not going to be worth it”

  8. I hope he doesn’t blow his big chance.

  9. I hope you have a Bad HAT, Harry

  10. The GPS only leads you to hot tubs.

  11. Alright, who the hell let Bryan Singer start teaching Drivers’ Ed?

  12. Not pictured: the one small enough to tuck under the dash.

  13. “So after dinner we’re going to pick up your little brother, right?”

  14. “After that my guess is that you will never hear from him again.”

  15. looks like they already did the oral portion of the interview…

  16. “Know how I know you’re gay?”
    “You molest little boys.”

  17. Nah, that’s not a creepy smile at all…

  18. “Kinda old, but I guess he will do.”

  19. I feel like we should be planning how to rescue him.

  20. This dude is fucking disgusting. He’s getting away with pedophilia. His smile clearly gives away the fact that he is smug, knowing full well what he’s done, that he’s proud of it, and getting away scot free.

  21. The look of the cat who got the cream… the lithe, tanned, toned, early 20′s, Montgomery Clift-lookalike artsy-type who is a bit shy an goofy but cute with it cream… Wait, what? Oh, Singer? Yeah, whatever.

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