1. Truk

    He may be a security guard now, but he still likes big butts. Way to have integrity, Mr, A-Lot.

  2. I guess he wasn’t lying after all.

  3. Ronaldo

    a perfect match

  4. Marketing Mike

    I wouldn’t want to be Sir “I’m gonna get my ass kicked”
    once Ice T sees this picture online.

  5. *whip cracking noise*

  6. Its almost as if the internet was created for just this picture

  7. This is all normal. There’s a heat signature that rises off the booty which can only be measured by spreading the palm out thusly and holding it as close to the booty as possible without actually touching it. This is called “checkin’ that booty”. Mix is simply calibrating here. Let the man work.

  8. Oh no Ice T is gonna have to choke a bitch now.

  9. cc

    Ya, I heard Archie dies in the final issue. I didn’t hear that he gets sat on.

  10. I’m convinced Sir Mix-a-Lot made that song specifically for Coco.

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