1. Johnny Pepper

    Ugly bitch. Although, with a bag in her face things could really work well between me and her.

  2. Jack

    “Now WHERE did Tom go? He handed me this E-meter and then ran off…sniff sniff…wait a second! This is his TAINT METER!!!!”

  3. MrsWrong

    You know this is gonna be a hit when Pelelope Cruz is named in a Woody Allen comedy under Ellen Page and Jesse Eisenberg.

  4. MrsWrong

    Who ees dis chica beehind mee? Shees my naaahny, sheh-a watches mi bebe and i-ah make hair smell mi how-you-say “farts” when I-yam borhed.

  5. that’s right Penelope , use that fan. make yourself think you are hot.

  6. tlmck

    Not bad, but needs less clothing.

  7. Sin

    Must keep bad breath away from the peasants.

  8. “Luuuuke…I am your faaaather”

  9. sc4play

    Wow! That ‘Quick-Grow’ really did wonders for your hair and boobs, Emma!

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