1. Amy Winehouse called, she wants her body back.

  2. Chinny

    Why do I get the feeling she’s waving to imaginary people just like Ronnie in the Xenadrine commercial.

  3. DeucePickle

    This skeleton has weird tits

  4. Deacon Jones

    Seriously, what the fuck’s up with this chick?

    Is she anorexic now , too?

  5. dontlooknow

    And so LeAnn Rimes decide the little dog in the garbage bag DID need more food than she herself…

  6. Jack

    “That dog-head bag is SOOOO last season!” “What do you know, you anonymous bastard!”

  7. hbw

    Who photoshopped the hairy part over to the left?

  8. Cock Dr

    There needs to be an intervention for the dog’s sake.
    The little dog.
    The dog in the purse.

  9. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    I saw kids in a refugee camp looked just like this. They could teach her about stealing dogs though.

  10. one day Tara you are gonna make one Marvel comics artist very happy.

  11. Hugh Jass

    She looks like a Picasso painting

  12. Satan's bitch

    Looks like she’s only one swimming pool incident away from an E True Hollywood story.

  13. Speaking of brain freeze…

  14. tlmck

    Better get the eulogy ready.

  15. Arzach

    One of the pioneers of the Lindsay Lohan maneuver

  16. Sin

    Such a waste. Before the botched boob job, she was a pretty young thing. Now she is luck to be classified as a D-lister.

  17. some guy

    When I see this picture and think back to how hot she was in Big Lebowski I weep.

  18. there’s something weird about her hand that makes it look like it has 6 fingers…I had to count to be sure there was only 5.

  19. MrsWrong

    Dog: zOMG its hot in here!
    Vagina: Try being me!!!

  20. Showing what a brilliant mind she has, after watching the sex dungeon scene in Pulp Fiction, when her friend said “They should make those for dogs”, referring to the rubber ball gags, Tara Reid went out and bought a gimp suit for hers.

  21. She is at that level of crazy where sex with her could go either way. She so batshit that sex would be an incredible 48 hour non-stop festival of fun and debauchery or……she would lie in a fetal position crying for 48 hours while she comes off the cocktail of drugs she ingested before you got there. You still try and fuck her…..but the crying just makes it weird.

  22. Dali

    White trash: See photo above.

  23. That poor dog’s going to develope a peanut allergy if someone doesn’t step in and do something.

  24. Siloporcen7

    The dog: “I miss the shopping cart”

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