1. DimeStoreRiot

    Sigh. Still pushing that ill-advised “Marley and Mom” sequel.

  2. Oh Snap

    Yes, but which one is her?

  3. neo

    still fuckable, just need a nice brown bag

  4. MarkinCA

    She’s still looking really good…WOW!

  5. Lemmiwinks

    “Meet my friend Mr. Wang (no offense).”

  6. Aw, Goldie’s got a Goldie. Isn’t that fucking precious?

  7. Ponkur

    That’s one old bitch.

  8. Satan's bitch

    This woman is SIXTY-FIVE years old. At some point, you just have to sit back and marvel.

  9. some guy

    at this point I’d rather bang the dog.

  10. Goldie has a pretty big dick.

  11. MrsWrong

    Golden Retreiver, Golden Receiver

  12. Judging by the guilty look on her face, I think Goldie just pooped… and didn’t scoop.

  13. TyroneBiggums

    Death becomes her.

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