1. On 2nd Thought

    In every picture there’s always a gay man in the back saying it all with his boner.

  2. SIN

    Thats right, lick my belly clean.

  3. DeucePickle

    Yeah, but this time he’s saying it all with his gold watch

  4. justuhbill

    There comes a point with every person covered in tattoos where they start to look like the cover on an 8th grader’s notebook. I’m talking to you, mankini!

  5. Jack

    “Despedida, anal virginity….”
    Translation: Goodbye.

  6. I thought they banned the piledriver.

  7. Two great views, two entirely opposing perspectives.

  8. Arzach

    She’s smokin’ hot, and you guys need to focus!

  9. some guy

    Wtf? he looks like a jesus candle that got spray-tanned.

  10. MrsWrong

    This is the face of a man who just realized why he enjoys Ricky Martin

  11. twat

    Way to go kid – standing 69 is advanced work for such a young age.

  12. After months of failed attempts, Belen Rodriguez tries to demonstrate to her (oh so surprisingly) reluctant lover what it is she wants from him.

  13. unfortunately in Italy it’s totally acceptable (encouraged?) to go for the speedo look

  14. vitobonespur

    The tattoo artist was doodling while chatting on the phone…

  15. Siloporcen7

    The kid’s face placement is ruining this photo for me. Like utterly destroying it. (otherwise she looks amazing, much better than the last pic). The man in the background is invisible and normal compared to the horror show happening with the child. It’s called shorts!!! Pants! A wrap! A skirt! A towel! I would also accept: apron, hula skirt, yoga pants, beach cover-up (yes, if there is a child’s innocence involved I would sacrifice seeing her uncovered– that is my whole point)

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