1. STOP! Hammertime!

  2. Sin

    Still have no clue as to who she is or what she does.

  3. holymoly

    Lady, I told you 1000 times already I am GAY.

  4. Don’t know who she is, but the photographer is a MASTER of his craft!

  5. Blech

    Brunette Lady Gaga, is that you?

  6. GuidotheRed

    He’s doing it wrong.

  7. MrsWrong

    BG: What’s my name?!
    Anne Hathaway: No Se!

  8. twat

    I think they’re both doing the robot and there are definitely 80′s synthesizers playing in the background. 3 1/4 stars!

  9. Zombie Kitty

    3…2…1… Yup he’s gay

  10. Siloporcen7

    Amy Winehouse? Ricky Martin, you duplicitous rascal you!

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