1. Senor Trout

    Doesn’t Beavis always wear a blue Metallica t-shirt instead of a plain black one?

  2. justuhbill

    Who would have thought the Corey Feldman look would come back into style…

  3. UnholyKrep

    The one on the right looks nothing at all like Corey Haim. Stupid.

  4. wtf

    so, the weakling white boy look is in huh?

  5. M

    Proud to be able to say I don’t have (or want) a clue who this is…

  6. Nik

    guy on the right looks like he is looking for some crack

  7. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Body By Coffee. Coffee and eels.

  8. MrsWrong

    IMDB’d him. Quite a career *eye roll*(I guess Milk DOESN”T do a body good. BTW. Even with all the photos on IMDB I can’t tell which one he is… douche is not like the others…

  9. Working the street corner the previous night was apparently more successful than usual, as Emile and his partner seem to have harvested a couple of kidneys. I think they might want to work on their sales technique though…

  10. bbiowa

    Synchronized dimming

  11. vlad

    Johnny Depp wannabes

  12. taboo or terrible?

    Is he with Edward Furlong? Because that is the best Edward has ever looked.

  13. Hey look, it’s the prepubescent facial hair brigade.

  14. CharmlessMan

    Why do I get the feeling he’s about to get in a rumble with the nogoodniks from the next block over, pally?

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