1. Dr. Hufurrrrr

    VODKAAAA, tell threm to bring vodkaaaaaa.

  2. “Hold still, damnit! I need to suck out your sou…er… I mean that piece of leftover food…”

  3. Dina

    Finally, someone is sucking out what’s left of Mel Gibson’s soul.

  4. Deacon Jones

    (in Bobcat Goldthwait voice)

    “DarllING…you dRAnk my LAST FUCKING DRINK. Puke it INTO MY MOUTH. RarrrraahhhHHH!”

  5. UnholyKrep

    Why is she gonna tongue her grampa in a street side cafe?

  6. dontlooknow

    “Gonna bite that phone right outta his hand! Pay attention to ME!!!!”

  7. Deryn

    Who remembers Lifeforce?

  8. hbw

    Yes, Helen, it’s water. ENOUGH ALREADY!

  9. Really? Come on. “CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?!?!”

  10. MrsWrong

    Blow Job Fail

  11. crabby old guy

    The only women who could make Steve Buscemi look like he was slumming. Her scenes in “Boardwalk Empire” were unwatchable. Outside of that, she looks like a great bar whore.

  12. JosieBelle

    Going in for the Kiss – what’s truly underneath the Dementors’ cloaks is far more horrific than JK Rowling could have put into words.

  13. Paz de la Huerta, who was apparently raised by birds, waits for her boyfriend to feed her.

  14. Sin

    Place my cocaine order or I break your neck!

  15. TomFrank

    I don’t get this thing lately where Latina actresses are dating older guys, but it gives me hope for my 50s.

  16. holymoly

    question: define succubus
    answer: see above picture

  17. Dali

    She is such a loser… in a Courtney Love kind of way.

  18. Problem?

    Someone actually dates that thing?

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