1. Shouldn’t that couch be plain black leather?

  2. Okay, she’s done with the photo shoot. Can someone get some 409 on that stat?

  3. Lipstick, pig, something, something, something

  4. The sad thing is, before she lifted her legs that was a white leather couch.

  5. heroinstripper

    . . . . and God just changed religions.

  6. I always knew she’d die with her legs in the air. At least her killer had the decency to leave a flower.

  7. She has “Pandora’s” tattooed just above her vagina.

  8. Senor Trout

    ‘I tried to get my first record deal this way. The guy from the label said I’d have to roll over before he’d say yes.’

  9. crb

    This used to be a 2-couch-set.

    Free tickets to my next concert if you can guess where I’ve hidden the other one.

  10. Someone must have sprayed it with Raid.

  11. That couch smells like tater tots and Vagisil.

  12. Icehawg

    30 seconds ago there was a guy sitting on that couch too. Then she “totally did NOT fart” and he went to puke.

  13. “Just keep those legs up in the air like that. I’m leaving the house right now.”

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