1. tlmck

    He can afford Starbucks, but not pants that go all the way to the ground.

  2. CK

    When’s the flood?

  3. This guy lost all his roles when Channing Tatum blew up.

  4. This shit wasn’t even cool in the eighties.

  5. I haven’t seen him in a movie in over 10 years. Why are he and Leelee popping up all of a sudden?

  6. anonymous

    Hollywood Homicide is an appropriate….it completely killed this guy’s career.

  7. He made Keanu Reeves seem dynamic.

  8. Seriously with the floods, wtf.

  9. Bruce Jenner biopic – the teen years. When he was still a dude.

    • Bruce Jenner, The Teen and Olympic Years: Played by Josh Hartnett. Bruce Jenner, The Kardashian Years: Played by Phyllis Diller. Oh, wait…she’s gone? Then how about Glenn Close?

  10. heysamjo

    Hello, I’m information officer Tommy….

  11. Mom Went to College

    THIS is what I expected Joseph Gordon-levitt to grow up and look like.

  12. Josh, Josh! Can you let us know when was the exact moment you looked at your life and said, “Fuck it!”?

  13. Josh Brolin did a good job, but this guy actually looks like a young Agent K.

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