1. It’s the bad touch reboot of Charlie’s Angels.

  2. Two of those hookers are having reservations about all this.

  3. I already don’t like this sequel to “The Mask”

  4. I'mCool

    Each time I see his picture I think he can’t dress any stupider and yet, time and again, I am delighted to be proven wrong.

  5. So this is what he spent his $600,000 on?

  6. The one on the left is a pro because she’s just powering through the experience, but the other two are not getting a tip.

  7. Looks like Corey finally got his “whore club” card punched for the 12th time and is using his free one wisely.

  8. King Coconut and the Creoles

  9. The more info about Michael Jackson keeps leaking out, the more Corey overcompensates with the hookers.

  10. Barcham

    What more will it take before everyone here realizes the truth. He’s not hiring these women, he’s their pimp!

  11. Nonnie Moose

    Pimpin’ is easy…

  12. It’s nice to see that some celebrities don’t feel the need to call attention to themselves. By that, I mean the shadowy figure of George Clooney in the background.

  13. Let me guess its the first of the month and somebody got his residual check.

  14. I don’t understand… where is he getting the money to pay for these women?! Has the economy gotten so bad that whores accept IOU’s now?!

  15. Rasputin's Evil Twin

    Little pimpin’. Very, very little pimpin’.

    Why is he wearing part of a circus tent?

  16. This is why Gator’s bitches always better be using jimmies.

  17. Just looked the guy up on IMDB. He’s got six NEW films in the can (read that how you want) already this year.

    What’s up with that?

  18. Those two whores on the right are seriously considering a career change.

  19. Colin Baker is not amused

  20. the two on the right are totally getting ready to bolt.
    that means he definitely paid in advance. lol.

  21. Corey should be a secret agent.

  22. Zaamen

    The next Charlie Sheen!

  23. Are they all wearing wings? No, no… on their backs.

  24. Matt

    How does he still have money?

  25. Two of the people in this picture have just discovered a long forgotten shred of dignity.

  26. They are working their way through community college.

  27. Corey shopping at the upholstery store, got the free outfit when he bought the hat.

  28. caley

    “Nobody tells these girls I’m not Don Magic Juan!”

  29. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    He always seems to have one that looks like his she could be his mother, walking him round by the hand so he doesn’t get lost.

  30. The new Dr. Who is into stripes. And getting realistic about his companions.

  31. “See that guy back there? He noticed me. Oops, here’s one coming up on the left…‘Dude, notice me.’ How about the woman in the Orange Julius stand? ‘Hey, lady. Notice me, for Christ sake.’ Look — children coming down the street. ‘Yo, little kids…’”

  32. Is that Courtney Stodden on his left?

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