1. Mallory @ Natural Born Killers

  2. I'mCool

    the muffin top split the cupcake liner.

  3. What’s the deal with that big, soft white belly? I guess they’ll photoshop that out of the shoot.

  4. How did a photo from the “Jared Leto in Drag” set get in here?

  5. whoa, is this a Jersey Shore revamp??

  6. I think this is actually Lenny Del Rey, from the show over at Zippers.

  7. I’m guessing she had Mexican for lunch.

  8. A muffin top and the shitty tattoos? GTFO.

  9. d55

    They’re called crunches.

    You’re famous. Hire a trainer. He will explain.

  10. j/k

    Lana Del Taco

  11. What, don’t we all walk around with our pants partly undone after a big meal?

  12. doritojoe

    Fupastamps are the latest trend.

  13. I woulda bet even money that was Juliette Lewis.

  14. lana del relleno (filling, stuffing)

  15. Hank E. Ring

    No wonder her pussy tastes like pepsi cola.

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