1. tlmck

    She is the hardest working beard in show business.

  2. 4 people in this photo didn’t get the joke, and are looking for a duck.

  3. CK

    “Hey Ryan, check out that hot blonde in the bikini!!”

  4. Ryan, does this boat ACTUALLY have a motor? Because your mouth sounds aren’t getting us anywhere.

  5. She’s nothing more than a hood ornament on this boat.

  6. Woman: “What are you guys looking at…another sausage party?”
    Guys: “Where?!”

  7. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    He’s like a pavlovian dog: He spots a bulging package = automatic tongue pucker.

  8. Mista Snazzy

    A new Beard to replace the old Julianne Hough nice ass version. Ok, I’ll allow it.

  9. “I can’t believe how sunburned the tip of my tongue is going to be.”
    “Then why are you sticking it out?”
    “I just thought it would look cool against all-white penises!”
    “What about ethnic penises?”
    “They always go up my butt, so no one sees them anyway.”

  10. The taste of dick on the high seas is sure tasty!

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