1. joe

    That’s Hebrew for “Fuck me like Farrah.”

  2. Not Marvel

    To the blue leopard print bikini with the Hebrew tatoo: L’Chiam to you. You’ve just been written out of Bubbe’s and Zayde’s wills.

  3. CFH

    Deandre Jordan is seven feet tall. The guy on the right is only average height — so it ain’t Deandre Jordan.

  4. d55

    “Yo, this one in the blue says DP’s the word.”


  5. Interested Party

    Why does Deandre look 6′ tall in this picture?
    He’s 6’11″ on a bad day, 7′ the rest of the time.


  6. Matt

    To all those complaining about how tall Deandre is, has it occurred to you that Deandre might be the guy on the left, and Blake is the black guy on the right? Well?

  7. You’re being sarcastic…right?

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